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Earn and Spend your eBucks at Cellini!

eBucks, the reward of choice, can be both earned and spent at Cellini. 


Step-by-step instructions for spending your eBucks ONLINE


1.    Register yourself on the Cellini website

  •        You will need to be logged into the Cellini website when you start. 


2.    Add products to your basket or cart and check out

  •        Browse the site and choose products to add to your shopping cart. 
  •        Select Next and then check out.


3.    Choose eBucks as your payment method

  •        Choose eBucks as your payment method. 
  •        You will be asked to enter your SA ID number and eBucks PIN. 
  •        Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your eBucks account.


4.    Enter your One Time PIN (OTP)

  •        An OTP will be sent to your cell phone to confirm your online purchase and complete your order.


Earn 1.5% back in eBucks from Cellini ONLINE

You will earn 1.5% back in eBucks from Cellini by choosing to earn eBucks and entering your SA ID number when paying for your online purchases.  Your eBucks are allocated on a monthly basis.  


How to spend your eBucks IN-STORE at Cellini?

As an eBucks member you will automatically earn 1.5% back in eBucks from Cellini when paying with your qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank card at any Cellini store nationwide.

Remember to bring your eBucks card and 4-digit eBucks PIN to spend eBucks in-store.  Payment can be made in eBucks, Rands, Credit Card or a combination. 


With 15 stores nationwide, Cellini is the first choice for Luggage enthusiasts everywhere.


For more information on the partnership between eBucks and Cellini go to: