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A Case for Cruising

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us - Unknown


Whether you want to party your way to Papua New Guinea, spend a week relaxing with the family in the Med or spot marine mammals from the deck of your luxury liner, the good life awaits when you choose to cruise.

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A Case for “I Do”

A Case for “I Do”

Whether you want to scream, say or whisper, ‘I do” – we all need a companion that truly gets us on our journey through life. From the get-go, we should have a good idea of what type of alliance we’re entering into. It then becomes a whole lot easier to plan that long-haul trip. 



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Dad, you’re plane awesome!

A Case for Father’s Day 

If you’re thinking of a pair of socks, a tie, or a World’s Best Dad mug for Father’s Day, perhaps you should think again? Chances are Dad’s got enough pairs of socks, ties, and mugs to last him a decade. How about giving the World’s Best Dad the world’s best travel companion? We’re talking about a thoughtful travel bag or accessory to match his distinctive travel personality. Because, bottom line, he’s plane awesome.

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5 Budget Saving Tips 

5 Budget Saving Tips 

Sometimes we’re so stressed just making it through the day, we can hardly plan dinner. So planning a weekend away or an annual holiday is a big ask.

The thing is, scheduling and planning are said to help stop the stress before it even starts. So whether it’s taking 10 minutes to plan your day or a couple of hours to plan your much-needed holiday, a plan is the place to start.


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Cellini Travel Blog

A Case For Weekends Away

“What if we recharged ourselves as often as we did our phones?”


While a daily recharge, of sorts, is ideal some of us just seem to be too caught up in the rollercoaster of life’s routine and forget to pull up the hand break.

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Lessons from a Road Trip

A Case for a Road Trip


We’ve been cooped up for what feels like forever and most of us have years of cabin fever to shake off. Luckily, there is a remedy that costs a whole lot less than a flight or a cruise, and that gives you a sense of freedom like none other. We’re talking about the fun, fabulous, famous road trip.

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