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The rise of smart luggage

The rise of smart luggage: Features for tech-savvy travellers

From vintage trunks to smart luggage - we know you are looking for more out of your luggage.

The rise of technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives, and this does not fall short when it comes to the way you travel.

Smart luggage, equipped with a variety of high-tech features, has become increasingly popular among tech-savvy travellers, frequent flyers, business trip-goers, and luxury tourists.

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Take the world with you!

Take the world with you!

Features, Fashion & Functionality unmatched.

We know that choosing luggage can be intimidating. What do you choose? How do you know what is good, what is bad, what you need, and what you don’t need?

Something we do know; is how important it is to have enough space to take your most valued possessions with you. 

We’ve jam-packed our ranges with what matters most. We’ll break it down so you can get down to making better choices.

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A Case for Glamping

A Case for Glamping


There are lots of reasons to love good old-fashioned camping. Fresh air, starry skies, campfires… pitching a tent. Well, maybe not pitching a tent? Or sleeping on the ground. Or bugs or bad bathrooms… But that’s why there’s glamping – aka glamorous camping. So, you still can get high in the great outdoors in the fresh air and starry skies without getting down and dirty. And, of course, like most things luxurious,  you can decide just how glam and indulgent you want to go - so pack it all in! 


South Africa has some of the most gorgeous glampsites in the world. 

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A Case for hAPPy Travel

A Case for hAPPy Travel


When it comes to packing for your next trip, we’ve got you! In addition to the best luggage, inside story packing system, and essentials, we know that your smartphone or laptop is top of your list of indispensable items Why? Because without them we’d all be lost. From accommodations to taxis, restaurants, and must-do’s, online research is a must before heading out on any next adventure. 


We did some research too and compiled a list of the best travel websites and apps to help you navigate and C the World differently. Not to mention ignite your wanderlust and make your travel experience as seamless as possible. 


Starting with:

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A Case for Extreme Adventure

A Case for Extreme Adventure

As the heat rises so does our appetite for outdoor adventure. From huddling around heaters we’re suddenly propelled to stretch out in the sunshine and take some risks.


If you’re itching to seriously stretch your limits this summer - you’ll be glad to know that we’ve compiled a list of extreme adventures you have to try! A bucket list, if you will. C the adventure, with us! 

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A Case for Summer Road Tripping

A Case for Summer Road Tripping


Whether it’s a Little Red Corvette or a Pink Cadillac, make sure you’ve got your playlist sorted, your tyres checked, and your tank filled. 


As we’ve always said, planned spontaneity is the best kind of spontaneity. And that’s why before you Hit the Road Jack-  be prepared! From a thorough vehicle check to a solid understanding of where you’re going - have your ducks and apps in a row - with all the essential advice and tips you need. 


As a luggage brand, we’re not going to offer you advice on how to prepare your vehicle for a road trip. That’s what the AA is for:

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